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    Zach - My first response to you last post was to tell you to Fuck Off.  But I am taking this off board because it doesn't have a place "on" the board.  But, with all due respect, your comment about my "lack of self control" is exactly what I would expect from someone who has been brainwashed by the medical community.  You see, that is the reasaon (they claim) that America has grown fatter and developed more adult onset diabetes, more heart diesease.  Their explanation for obesity is that "fat" people lack self-control and do nothing but sit around and eat all day.  The medical community has prepetrated this myth because they refuse to look at the facts and studies objectively.  

    During the time I followed the "heart healty diet" my doctor had me on, I exercised 6 days a week for an hour a day.  I ate ONLY the high carb, low fat diet she prescribed.   I was diagnosed as having genitically high chloresterol.   While I was on this very same diet, exercise regime I did gain weight but worse my blood lipids went through the roof.  I am alergic to statin blockers (Lipitor) as is my brother (he almost died taking Lipitor) so I was restricted on the drugs I could take.

    Because of the adverse side effects of statin blockers on my brother (he is now in a wheelchair) and our alergies to it, I had been constantly looking for clues as to what I was doing wrong.  I mean, come on, I was doing what my Doctor advised (and they know everything) and yet everything was going to hell in a hand baskit.

    Then I stumbled onto this book in February.  (Good Calories, Bad Calories)  The author is a science journalist and was questioning America's declining health.  He reviewed and conducted interviews on over 6,000 studies and "experts."  He explains how the medical community came up with the idea that "dietary fats" = "high chlorsterol".  He goes on to examine the studies supporting that theory as well as the studies that contradicted that theory.  Guess what?  To this day there is NO definitive proof that dietary fat is the cause of high chlorsterol.   In fact many of the documentated studies show exactly the opposite to be true.  I could go on and on but I know you will blow this off.  Too bad.

    So go ahead, you can continue to blindly belive the same people who gave you the Cuban Missel Crisis, Watergate, Iran-Contra, WMD in Iran or place in your faith in the medical community who is beholded to the pharmacitical companies who sell Lipitor (FYI, the American Heart Association is going to recommend that even further chlorsterol reduction is needed based on a study funded by Lipitor.  LOL)  Or go out and get all the information and make an educated decision.  Me, I am going to take my weight loss and my healthy heart and be happy.  As an aside, the two other people in my family who were told they had genitically high chlorsterol have read the book and who are eating low carb, high protein have also lowered their lipids to "normal" levels.... I guess the Doctors who were treating us were all wrong.  Go figure.

    Your callous and judgmental conclusion that I suddenly gained some self discipline andthat is why I experienced the beneficial effects of a high protein, low carb diet ignores the fact that I am eating bacon, steak, green veggies, real butter, mayo, and all the things my Doctor had previously told me to avoid... which I did.  And I admit it hurts when someone makes this kind of statement based on their prejudices or lack of knowledge but what can I expect. 

    I've had my say.  Thanks for listening.  Rower

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    It has been hot enough here to fry an egg on the sidewalk! I'm trying to stay cool. Hugs!

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    Merry Christmas from my house to yours!

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    Have a great day!
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